7 Tips for Finding Anyone’s Email Address

Email hustling is always a big part of customer development and acquisition. Sometimes the hardest part of a large email campaign is simply finding the addresses of the people you want to connect with.

This is my process for finding email addresses. From here on out I’ll call the person that you’re trying to get in touch with the “target.”

Look at Social Profiles, Business, and Personal Sites

The first, and simplest, way to find an address is to scour social profiles and any websites that are associated with your target. Many people put their email address as public information in their Facebook profile. Lots of blogs and personal sites either have contact forms or explicitly state the email address of the people that receive the contact form messages. This may or may not be the target, but it’s a safe bet that they can help you get in touch with them.

Gmail + Rapportive

Gmail, with the Rapportive plugin, is quite a powerful tool. This is where you can get creative and try to guess an email address. Enter your guess in the To line of your Gmail composition window and Rapportive will look for that address. You’ll get a hit if you’ve entered a legitimate (and known) address.

Common Email Address Formats

Just guessing the email address is a good place to start. Here are the most common formats (not in any order):









Friends of Friends

If all else has failed up to this point then you might try reaching out to your own network to see if anyone knows the target. There’s nothing wrong with an email to a mutual friend of the target asking for an introduction. Plus, you never know when two people actually know each other, so even posting to Twitter or Facebook asking if any of your contacts knows the target can be effective.

Domain Searching in Google

Google can be your best friend here. Search for email addresses by using the exact string “@domain.com”. You’ll be presented with pages where anyone has mentioned email addresses.

I’ve found that Google doesn’t handle email addresses and “@domain.com” searches consistently. Sometimes it can help you discover an email address, other times it will behave as if it has no idea what you’re trying to do. If you’re not getting results then quickly give Bing a shot or move on to another method.

@ Them

You can also send a tweet to the target (assuming they have a Twitter account), but it’s quite likely that your mention will get lost in the stream if they are have a large following. You can only DM the target if they follow you, so @ mentions is a good starting point. If you do manage to make contact over Twitter you can ask them to take the conversation to email and go from there.

Last Ditch Efforts

If you still haven’t had any success then there are a couple more things that you can try, but they are admittedly long shots. First, lookup the WHOIS information for any domain that the target is associated with. Many people use anonymous WHOIS listings, but there’s a chance that you might be able to see some legit contact info.

You can also check the contact information on the SSL certificates for associated sites. SSL certificates tell you who the contacts are that setup the cert, so there’s a chance your target might be there.

Your Advice?

What other advice do you have for finding email addresses? Is there something that I’ve overlooked? Comment below and we’ll collect answers for a future followup post.

  • http://twitter.com/KhuramMalik Khuram Malik

    I used to use pipl.com but it’s not so effective now. I normally start with Twitter, and move on from there. If it’s absolutely essential that i connect with them, i worry less about getting their email address and more about getting their attention. As I say i start with twitter. Commenting on their blog posts helps. (what’s your email address? lol). LinkedIn is becoming more and more useful. People seem to be less concerned about who sends them an invitation on LinkedIn, so you can usually get a connection their and then inMail them which can lead to an email address.

    I also make sure to identify any aliases they use. Many people use their aliases online in communities and other places, so doing a google search for the alias can often be helpful. Most of it comes down to persistence i guess.

    • http://jimlastinger.com Jim Lastinger

      Good point about LinkedIn. I’ve noticed people loosening up there as well.

      And, yeah, it all does come down to persistence. Thanks for the feedback!

  • A.T. Murray

    Ask the Mentifex AI Mind at
    http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/AiMind.html in English or at
    http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/Dushka.html in Russian.

  • http://twitter.com/dohertyjf John Doherty

    This one exists too – http://linksy.me/find-email

    • http://jimlastinger.com Jim Lastinger

      Terrific. Hadn’t seen that one. Thanks!

      • http://twitter.com/dohertyjf John Doherty

        You bet!

  • Geoffrey Hull

    Mailtester.com is a handy tool also

    • http://jimlastinger.com Jim Lastinger

      Nice! Thanks, Geoffrey.

    • http://twitter.com/b3h3m0th b3h3m0th

      nice tool, thanks

  • http://twitter.com/selllikesybok Dave Galley

    Fullcontact (has, or had, limited free trial API access), Falcon/hackerface. There are, of course, companies that aggregate and sell huge amounts of information about people, including known email addresses. Jigsaw / Zoominfo / Etc (give up some of your contacts, get theirs for free).

    When guessing, using a mailtester type service is useful, should Rapportive and such have no info on the eddress.

    Alternatively – identify services they’ve signed up for (especially beta / early stage ones), and then launch a very stripped down similar service – see if you can get them to sign up. :) Some people (me) will sign up for just about anything just to see what it’s like.

    • http://jimlastinger.com Jim Lastinger

      I’ll take a look at Fullcontact. Thanks for the tip!

      I agree with the importance of using a mailtester for guesses. Narrows things down quickly.

    • http://www.fullcontact.com/ Kipp Chambers

      Thanks for the rec, Dave! We do still have a free trial version of our Person API at http://www.fullcontact.com/developer/. Just as an FYI, due to privacy concerns, we don’t give out an email address unless you query our API using on the email address, so it may not be appropriate for this type of need.

      On another note, another great email verification service to check out is http://www.briteverify.com.

  • http://twitter.com/bencken Jeremy Bencken

    http://tools.buzzstream.com/link-building-email-research generates a every imaginable email address permutation and then allows you to launch them all as Google searches in tabs.

    • http://jimlastinger.com Jim Lastinger

      The brute force method :) Thanks!

  • http://www.metricsparrow.com/ Jesse

    Hi Jim! I actually built an email permutator for use with Rapportive a few months back — you just input the details you know about your contact and it spits out a list of emails to test, in order of likelihood! If you’re interested it’s at: http://metricsparrow.com/toolkit/email-permutator/


    • http://jimlastinger.com Jim Lastinger

      Looks great. I’ll give this a go next time I’m looking for someone.

      • http://www.metricsparrow.com/ Jesse


  • bhartzer

    Don’t forget about the Domain Tools whois archive/history. Oftentimes people will put a domain under privacy but previously the domain was open to anyone to see the owner.

    • http://jimlastinger.com Jim Lastinger

      That’s a good point. I meant to add that and forgot. Thanks!

  • Geetha Singhee

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  • Sezgin Hergul

    Good tips! I use contentmarketer.io to find the email addresses for our content promotion reach outs. The coolest thing about the app is that it grabs email addresses from URL. What we do is basically paste the URL of the article and it matches the names of the people with their email database.

  • Anca Vasile

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